When you purchase the full "FIGHTING TO ZERO" album, you will receive the media licensing rights for one (1) track of your choosing for free. 

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1. Use the contact form (on the LICENSING page) and include your full name, email address, and the track name of your choosing.

2. You will receive a reply asking to send us the confirmation email of your album order.

3. You will receive the licensing agreement in PDF form with your information and a .WAV, high quality file of your chosen track to include in any one (1) of your films or works of art.

For additional track license inquiries, please use the CONTACT page and email your requests.

All album sales proceeds will go toward the creation of a national independent film showcase.


THE RAW NEGATIVE was created by Austin Nordell, an award winning Cinematographer and Film Editor with a passion for cinematic, industrial, and electronic music.

"A lot of my friends and colleagues don't realize that back when I started making movies over fifteen years ago, I did not have the finances or contacts to hire a composer for our films.

I learned how to mix, create and manipulate field recordings,  live instruments, play the keyboard and utilize samples, chopping and warping them to the desired effect for our early films. I have always loved film scores, and listen to them exclusively while writing scripts, location scouting for cinematography jobs, or during the organization process of editing".  -Austin Nordell

During the interim between film productions in 2015, he re-emerged under the moniker: "THE RAW NEGATIVE" and set forth constructing his first official full length music album entitled: "FIGHTING TO ZERO".

“FIGHTING TO ZERO” took a year to complete and became the embodiment of an artist's journey, expressing a personal story of struggle, persistence, and hope.

"Any bold, creative dreams you may have, are only validated by the actions you put forth toward achieving your goals. Every single person is responsible for their own happiness. You must attack your dreams, no matter how big, small, or difficult they may be".

"No one will pursue your dreams for you".  

From start to finish, “FIGHTING TO ZERO” expresses all of these philosophies in an evolving sound journey.